Family Ice fishing 4hrs private tour, 290€

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Ice fishing, locally called pilkkiminen is Finnish hobby that local people enjoys. Guide pick you from city or from your hotel, give you warm overalls and drive you to good fishing area on river Ounasjoki. Walk on ice on ice wintry river or lake side. Drill holes into river ice set up fishing equipment, pilkki, and guide tells best advices how to catch fishes. You may catch perches, whitefishes, roaches or bikes. During fishing you get warm traditional Finnish barry juice and sweets. After fishing we go back hopefully with big fishes to Lapish tp, Kota, where we have nice open fire. We eat snack from local cheese, bread and sausages. We also barbecue and tastes the fishes we have get. We promised to you to taste local fish with snack. You never can take the fishes from river, you will be given fishes, if you really need those, it’s old story. Luck to catch fishes comes when you try!
Include transportation from city of Rovaniemi, guidance, overalls, shoes, gloves, warm juice, cookies, snack and fishing equipments

Lasting 4-hours

Family price, 2x adults + 2 x 12yrs or under kids 290€, private tour

Mixed group 99€/person children under 12, 60€, min 2 full paying adults

Include transportations from city area of Rovaniemi

Valid on day light and safe ice condition

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