Snowshoe adventure to wilderness forest with photographic landscape

Adventure details

Adventure starts with 25 minutes transportation from city with car. Snowshoes to foot and poles to hands and we start to win the arctic hill and nature. Top of arctic hill is trees covered by snow, local people called snowy trees as tykkypuu. From the top opens nice views over River valley. In the middle of the way we have good local snack and coffee or tea in traditional Kota or Laavu with open fire. This adventure can be done on dark time with headlamps. Place is good for hunt the northern lights because from the top opens nearly 365 degrees view and forest is open to north sky.
Lasting 3-4 hours
Includes snowshoes, poles, hot drink, local snack, coffee or tea, transportation, guidance and insurance, warm overalls and shoes, hats, gloves
Price  2 person  95€/person, 3 or more persons 85€/person, family price 255€ including 2 adults + 1 kid, extra kids 45€, 1 person 175€

Sporty Activity!

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